Sympathetic Overdrive

The American Professionals

The American Professionals are:

Cheryl Hendrickson: bass, lead and backing vocals

Chuck Lindo: guitar, keyboards, melodica, lead and backing vocals

Adam White: drums, percussion

San Francisco hook-heavy guitar pop band The American Professionals' core members Chuck Lindo and Cheryl Hendrickson's music and personal lives are both intertwined and parallel. This husband/wife team makes that paradox possible on their latest release, Sympathetic Overdrive out June 23 via their own label Charlie In The Box Music. The record is a ten-song genre-hopping display of both unity and individuality, fear and hope, love and scorn.

Sympathetic Overdrive, the follow-up to 2013's We Make It Our Business, pulls from a more personal space with songs that reflect their life together, highlighting forces both internal and external that can cause people to buckle under or grow. This new record combines the thick, chunky hooks and straight-up pop of the previous album with layered melodies and harmonies, diverse instrumentation and more intimate lyrics that reflect their own emotional narrative. At any turn there could be a sweet, retro-styled love song ("Higher Degree"), a bouncy indie pop tune ("The Story"), nestled alongside grinding, haunting rock ("Familiar Ghosts"), driving power pop ("Just Do Something"), and hints of Leonard Cohen's darker melodies ("Civic Living").

Early in their relationship the two moved to San Francisco from St. Louis with Lindo's mod/punk band, The Nukes. After five years, Lindo made a break from the band and began writing songs on his own that had a more pronounced melodic element, eventually cobbling a band together - The American Professionals. The debut album, Faking It (2004), received rave reviews from the power pop community, and the exposure led to a licensing deal with Nickelodeon/MTV Networks, with songs featured on the shows Drake n' Josh and Zooey 101. Lindo also continued as a sideman, on vocals and guitar or bass, with Jumbo Shrimp (a post-Dead Kennedys surf band with East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride), noise-pop pioneers, Actionslacks, power indie rockers, Dryspell, and most recently recording backing vocals for return of The Mr. T Experience.

Cheryl joined the band on bass and vocals just after the 2010 EP, The Specialist and started sharing songwriting duties on We Make It Our Business. Reviews were more than favorable ("We Make It Our Business" is one of those albums that makes this listener hope that there's a follow-up, and soon. Essential." – Musoscribe) and spawned three post-release remixes, of which "Sad Parade" got regular airplay on Bruce Rave's GO Deep show (Indie 103.1 in LA now on KX 93.5 in Orange County) and was featured on "Julian Lennon's Picks" on Below Zero Beats.

In between records and currently, Chuck continues to compose and write for radio and television advertising and play with bands Wizard Van, The Real Numbers and Tom Jonesing. Cheryl, meanwhile, composed, recorded and directed the video for the May 2017 single "Diamonds in the Rough", her synth pop project featuring vocals by two of their favorite singer/songwriter friends, Julie Cain (Little Lonely) and Arrica Rose (Arrica Rose and the …/ Dear County), and she continues working in radio.

In 2017, these married songwriters continue to push genre boundaries as The American Professionals. Sympathetic Overdrive features songs by both Cheryl and Chuck, and their first co-writing endeavor, the album opener, "In Case of Emergency, Break."

Can two married songwriters make a great record without driving each other crazy or breaking up?

Yes, they can.

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